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It will be a Battle: A New Year, a new me!!!

Posted on January 7, 2015 at 9:50 AM Comments comments (3)

Let today be the start of the new you!!!. Why today? I believe that each day is an opportunity for a new beginning. January 1st, in my opinion, should be a time of reflection. Each day thereafter is a new beginning. An opportunity to be the person you dream of. If upon reflecting on the past, you realize that you have been stuck. I inivite you to reflect on the the reason you feel "stuck". You may be physically, emotionally, spiritually or financially or a combination of these things- just STUCK!!!

I encourage you take some time this year to break free of the barriers that have been holding you back. Explore a healthier you this year and how to EMBRACE WHO YOU ARE!!! 

As I took some time to reflect during the first week of 2015, I realize that much of my disappointments, inaction and failures have been grounded in fear. This year I commit to breaking free of MY fears and embrace who I am. Are you with me? Please take some time to reflect on 2014. Commit to changing at least one thing in your life this year and join me on this amazing journey. I look forward to your comments and hearing what changes you will be making in your life in 2015. 

TIP #1-Pace yourself

Tip#2-Do this for you

Tip #3-Value you

Think about where you are, where you have been, what you would like to change, and make a plan to craft a new you for 2015. Lets do this!!!

Belize in Love,