Belize In You

Our Passion is Your Pleasure!

Raquel Battle is a woman on a mission, journeying to the US from Belize with her "Sea-to-Face" skincare brand, Belize In You! As the daughter of a Belizean fisherman, Raquel wanted to remain true to the sea, while also giving back to her community in a major way. 

Raquel refers to herself as "a child of the sea" and has dedicated herself to creating and refining a product line that utilizes the healing benefits of seaweed. The driving force behind Belize In You is the Blissful Sage Foundation, which funds the very first cancer hospice in Belize.

With a vision to inspire, while providing quality & integrity, Belize In You is poised to make a significant impact on the beauty industry, while creating growth & opportunities in Belize.