Belize In You

Our Passion is Your Pleasure!

Why Belize in You?

Belize in You (BIY) continues to support cancer patients in Belize and the building of the first hospice home in the country-The Edlin Leslie Sr. Hospice. For each soap and skincare product that you purchase, BIY donates $1 to the Edlin Leslie Sr. Hospice building project in Belize. 

Belize in you specializes in producing, high quality seaweed soaps made from gracilaria seaweed. This additive and soap base is sourced at the Placencia Producers Cooperative in Belize. Today the coop strives to remain relevant amidst a rapidly developing tourism industry. Using Seaweed as a base serves as an added value to the expansion of the seaweed and expansion of farms in Belize. The use of seaweed has a direct impact on the expansion of the conservation areas in the caribbean waters of Southern Belize. When you purchase a seaweed soap you help patients at the end of life and farmers to expand seaweed farms in Belize. 

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